Jean Philpott's Polymer Popstar Menagerie



 Ra Ra Ra! It's Lady Budgeri-Ga Ga!!!



Ladies and Gentlemen...Presenting with the greatest of respect 'Amy Winemouse'




Izzie paddlin'? No, he's swimming! It's Mr Axolotl Rose!




From Willow Jungle.. Mr Cheetah Gabriel!



Although they are are confused for one another, it's not Charlie ''Drake''......It's Mick Ducknall!!




Pete Dogherty!



Creatures At An Exhibition - Elephant, Snake and Llama!



What Do You Want From Lice? Flea Waybill!



Possibly singing ''We Eat Grass''....Gary Gnuman!



Fresh from the Topographic Ocean, we proudly present...Rick Hakeman!!



Grrrr! It's (Jumping) Mick Jaguar (Flash!)



Possibly singing "This is Hardboiled"or ''Dis-Crow 2000".... Jarvis Cockerel!!




Confirming that there is Life On Mars(upials).. David Joey!





No, ''Koi George', we do not really want to hook you! Enjoy your swim!




Possibly singing ''Don't Stop Me Now Because I'm Having Such A Good Time, I'm Having A Maul'', or ''Roar-dio Gaga''.... Lion May!





"Lorrissey! Lorrissey! Lorrissey"





Possibly saying that "you must be out of your 'Tawny' minds"... Owl-vin Stardust!




For everyone's ''Bear-nefit"...Ian Pandason!






"Piggy Pop"





"Pony M"




Sadly without "Mickey Fin"....."Sharc Bolan"




Featuring Bobbin Zander, Tom Bleatersson, Bun E. Bahloss and Hayrick Neilsen...  Sheep Trick!!





"Nine Inch Snails!"



Possibly singing Bearhemian Rhapsody or Grizzly Little Thing Called Love ... Teddie Mercury!





There are no 'Gibbons' in this pop group. It's "ChimpanZZ Top"!





"HippopoThomas Dolby"!








Possibly singing 'Splash It Up'... Catfish Sensible



HISS THIS! It's Swanny Rotten and Cygnet Vicious!




 Squawker at the Gates of Dawn... Syd Parrott!



Pictured on the cover of 'Parallel Equines',

Ms. Zebra Harry



Often seen in trees at 'worrying heights', but here...out in the wild with windy paws... Miss Kate Bush-baby




'Turn Around Bright Eyes'... It's Bunny Tyler!



''Fir It Up...It's Bobcat Marley!''



''Baa-rty All The Time....It's Wool I. Lamb!!!''



''Ready to Sty...It's Piggy Smalls..The Snoutorious P.I.G.!!''



''From  OO as (OO OO AH AH) 2...Bono-bo!!''



''Deer of the Dark....It's Moose Dickinson!''




Fish! As A Fish!


He isn't a Quack..Possibly singing ''Spitroast In the Sky'' it's...The Ducktor!!



''There's a Star Ham Waiting in the Sty!' It's Piggy Stardust



''I have four given cheeses! Mousserry! Mousserry!''

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