Dear Saxon

Re: Wheels of Steel

I very much admire your rock anthem, as I am a keen motorist myself. I currently own a Nissan Micra, which is perhaps rather less powerful than your “68 Chevy”, although you omit to provide us with the exact model of your vehicle.

I regret, however, that your enthusiasm for its “wheels of steel” is misplaced, as surely they can be considered standard on a motor car of this vintage. Unless I am mistaken, I think you will find that the alternative of alloy wheels was not developed until after the date of the vehicle’s manufacture. (Of course, steel is itself an alloy, although it is not usually referred to as such by wheel enthusiasts.) I presume that you are not equally excited by other unsurprising features, such as the car’s “indicators” or “windscreen wipers”.

In addition, you appear to advocate reckless or dangerous motoring, despite your tuneful delivery. “One-forty”, whether kilometres or miles per hour, is far beyond the speed limit on any public highway in the United Kingdom; moreover, you boast of forcing another driver off the road, merely because he attempted to obstruct you in some way. One also certainly hopes that there is no looking back when your foot's on the throttle. The deployment of acceleration whilst in charge of any motor vehicle, be it even a golf buggy, demands that the driver be forward facing throughout

I am disappointed with your attitude, Saxon, and would suggest that you read the “Highway Code” as a matter of urgency.

Despite the above concerns, I remain fond of your work, which often seems to have a “transport” theme. I certainly look forward to future offerings which may feature coaches, trams or milk floats.

Yours sincerely

Wilf Turnbull


(With help from Derek Philpott)



Reply received fronm Graham Oliver 12/4/15




My Dear Mr. Philpott,

I must say, I was most happy to receive your recent correspondence, my mailbox all too often filled to the brim with back issues of Pigeon Fanciers' Weekly and Ratting Gazette.

Amid the dexterous word smithery of your lengthy missive, I couldn't help but notice the phrase 'Highway Code', and thought I might


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With Immense Thanks to Kev Moore




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