Dear “Scorpions”

Re: Wind of Change

My wife Olive and I admire your epic ballad, which we find most inspiring. However, I wonder if you would mind clarifying a couple of points regarding the “lyrics”.

Firstly, I am unfortunately unable to take you to the “magic of the moment” without more specific information. It is unclear where, and when, you wish to be taken. Moreover, it would be illegal, unsafe and uncomfortable to transport five rather burly passengers, such as yourselves, in my Nissan Micra. Indeed I understood that the band members were very much enjoying their day out in “Gorky Park”. Perhaps you took a continental-style picnic and a “Frisbee”.

I am also unsure as to the identity of the “children of tomorrow”, to whom you repeatedly refer. If they are children of the “future”, they are surely yet to exist; as such, they would of course be unable to “share their dreams, with you and me”. Alternatively, if “tomorrow” is taken literally, then surely they are also children today, which renders the phrase redundant.

In spite of the above points, I must reiterate our admiration for the “tune”; it has proved a handsome and powerful addition to our collection of “CD’s”. In addition, the reintroduction of whistling into the pop genre is most welcome, since Olive and I also enjoy the music of Roger Whittaker.

Yours sincerely

Wilf Turnbull

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