Dear Messrs Box

Re: Your recent statement "I'm a-living in a box"

We regret that we have been unable to ascertain your exact current whereabouts. However, while many habitable structures are indeed "box-like", or cuboid, in shape, we feel that it is extremely unlikely that your place of residence can be described as a "box" due to its primary building material (probably not "cardboard") in addition to its dimensions and presumed contents.

Indeed, we were under the impression that "pop stars" such as yourselves were awarded extremely generous salaries which would no doubt facilitate the purchase of luxury abodes. As you claim to "know what's going my mind", we suggest that a lexical misunderstanding, rather than a hallucination, has occurred.

Should, however, you have found yourselves financially inconvenienced, and are indeed living in an actual "cardboard box", we are frankly surprised that you have made such a statement, as this unfortunate situation would appear fairly obvious. We trust that our time is not being wasted on this matter.

It is hoped that the above comments have been constructive, and look forward to the release of the "follow-up" single, which we are sure will also reflect the style and glamour of the modern age.


Wilf Turnbull
and Derek Philpot (neighbour)


Reply from Marcus Vere from Living In A Box

Dear Mr Turnbull,

On behalf of my fellow Boxians, I thank you for your correspondence.
We are quite excited to report that we all continue to reside in boxes of various sorts. None, I'm pleased to say are constructed from Binder's board, card stock, corrugated fibreboard, display board, paper board, container board or any other sort of cardboard.  We, Sir, live in boxes which one could only describe as lavish beyond the imagination of the common man.

Living in Chiswick, west London, however, we were recently most concerned when the route for the Cross Rail Project was announced. It appeared that it would threaten our well-insulated serenity and tunnel directly under our posh boxes! Taking pertinent advice from our own great song, Living In A Box, 'life goes in circles, around and around circulating, I sometimes wonder what's moving underground, I'm escaping..' we thought we might be in need of the services of a removals company and be on our way. Fortunately, this never became necessary as the planned Cross Rail tunnel route was changed at the last minute to go via Acton.

I remain faithfully yours,

Marcus Vere

Living In A Box

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